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Beat financial barriers

Become your own financial hero

Become the master of your financial destiny and unleash the superhero within you. Take charge of your financial well-being, make smarter choices, and soar to new heights of financial freedom.

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Meet Peter

Peter, a best-selling author and multi award-winning financial content creator, TV personality, and speaker, empowers people to achieve financial security. His journey from foster care, to a Fortune 100 executive includes overcoming homelessness in his teens and becoming a qualified Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser. Peter has held major roles at Natwest/RBS, MetLife, and Investec, sharing his expertise on shows like Secret Spenders, Lorraine, Steph's Packed Lunch, Katie Piper's Breakfast Show, Jeremy Vine, Sky News and Channel 5 News.

The essential guide to the BASICs of personal finance

Unlock the secret to financial independence and become your own financial hero with the Basic Formula, explained and unpacked in The Money Basics. This is the ultimate guide to mastering your finances and achieving your financial goals.

#1 Best-Seller selected as one of The Sun’s ‘Top Books to Turn the Page on Money Woes’

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Listener Reviews


I work with the NHS, however as part of my routines, I dedicate my Sundays for financial ward rounds just listening to your podcast episodes (The Conversation of Money) back to back for the past 12 months. You are doing really great and your platform is a huge blessing to me, my colleagues and many others.


Pete’s experience in financial services underpins his knowledge and is speaking on subjects he knows best! He’s a rarity in that he can make often complex subjects easy to digest and understand. Highly recommended for anybody looking to develop and expand their financial education.


Great podcast. I came across this podcast as it was suggested by a friend and it is excellent. I’ve started to listen the oldest podcasts and as you go through the weeks you can definitely feel more knowledgeable and equipped to make better decisions with your money. Great stuff! Keep up the excellent work.

Natasha Haycocks

So informative
Learnt so much from this podcast and it’s helped me to think about my future financial/ life goals. Download the episodes now!


So glad to have found this
Pete gives no nonsense financial advice which as a complete newbie has been really interesting to listen to.


Making Finance Interesting
Great stuff Peter. This is a very listenable and informative podcast.


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