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The service that Conversation of Money provides is generic financial education and guidance intended to improve a clients knowledge and understanding of financial matters. Our goal is to challenge and help shift unhelpful money attitudes and habits and ultimately inspire our clients to use money effectively so that you can achieve their life goals.

We will not make any recommendations or pass opinion relating to the sale, purchase or alteration of any financial product you own or plan to buy, including credit and debt arrangements. Our service is not regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA). If you need regulated financial advice, we will help you understand the different types of financial advice available, including any free advice agencies, and direct you to websites where you can search for a regulated adviser who can help.

We will never provide you with specific advice on the purchase of any financial product such as a pension, saving, investment, insurance, credit arrangement or mortgage. Nor will we suggest that you vary, alter, discard or liquidate an existing product, including any debt you hold. Should you require a recommendation or opinion on your existing or new financial arrangements, we would always suggest that you seek advice from a regulated independent financial adviser or, in the case of debt, a regulated debt counsellor.

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