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Talking about money can be difficult, daunting and can still feel like a taboo. Whether you're thinking of running a workshop to help your employees manage their finances better or understand their workplace benefits, you're in the right place.

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With over 15 years experience in Financial Services and qualifications as a Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. But what sets him apart is his personal journey. He has faced his own share of financial struggles - dealing with debt, repairing my credit score, and navigating the world of investing and pensions in his 30s.

Peter is a best-selling author on the subject of personal finance, and a recognised authority in his field. Our workshops are not about understanding complicated financial jargon. Instead, we make financial terminology relevant to the audience in the simplest way. We create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and we provide practical, relatable support and guidance. I openly share my own mistakes and lessons learned, making the topics accessible and non-threatening.


Q1. What topics do you cover in workshops?

We tailor our workshops and programs to meet the unique needs of each client. Our offerings cover a wide range of topics based on common requests from our clients. Here are a few examples of the workshops we frequently deliver:

- Future-proofing your finances: Prepare yourself for a secure financial future.
- Creating positive financial habits: Learn how to develop and maintain healthy money habits.
- Managing and dealing with debt: Gain practical strategies to effectively handle and overcome debt.
- Long-term financial planning: Develop a solid plan to achieve your financial goals in the long run.
- Planning for your first home: Navigate the process of saving and preparing financially for your first home purchase.

Q2. Were afraid we'll get left with questions we can't answer.

Ample question time is a vital component of our workshops, ensuring maximum value for attendees. With years of experience and qualifications as a Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser, we are well-equipped to address any queries that arise. In fact, we consider question time a key metric for workshop success, as it allows us to provide practical and relevant information to inspire attendees' next steps.

Our standard workshop package, we offer the opportunity for follow-up questions to be submitted for up to a month after the workshop. Additionally, we incorporate a dedicated "financial clinic" as part of a comprehensive program.

Q3. Can we record the workshop?

We understand the importance of accessibility and reinforcing learning beyond the workshop experience. That's why we offer the option to record our online workshops for later circulation. Based on valuable feedback we have received, attendees find immense value in being able to revisit the recorded sessions. This allows them to clarify concepts, solidify their understanding, and further enhance their knowledge on the topic. We believe in empowering participants to continue their learning journey long after the workshop concludes.

Q4. What outcomes can we expect from our workshop?

By attending our workshop, your employees will leave with a revitalised confidence in their financial matters. They will acquire valuable knowledge to enhance their financial wellbeing and develop strategies for long-term sustainability. As a business, you can expect improved morale, increased engagement levels, and a productivity boost as a result.

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