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Financial Wellbeing in
your workplace

In recent years, the significance of financial wellbeing in the workplace has gained tremendous attention. Forward-thinking organisations recognise the urgency of addressing this matter, as it directly impacts the welfare of their employees.

We provide solutions aimed at enhancing the financial welfare of your employees, beginning with a customised assessment to evaluate the financial wellbeing within your organisation. Delve into the details of our score kit for further insights.

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Female employees are 33% more likely to experience financial stress than their male colleagues

1 in 5 employees say financial stress negatively impacts their productivity at work

30% of employees attribute reduced productivity to financial worries, costing employers an estimated £192 per day.

37% of employees cited financial pressure as the top cause of stress outside of work 

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How we can help you tackle
this challenge
head on …

  • We help you gather, analysis and understand your existing Financial Wellbeing Score.

  • We design Financial Wellbeing programs, which include all or a combination of; Financial Education workshops, Financial Coaching and Financial Wellbeing Clinics

  • We help you conduct periodic evaluations to monitor your organisations Financial Wellbeing score, the impact of the program on employees, job satisfaction, and overall productivity.

  • We provide Financial Wellbeing resources such as articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive tools.

  • We provide ongoing communication and support with employees through newsletters, email updates and internal comms.

  • FAQs

    Q1. Why should we prioritise financial wellbeing for our employees?

    Prioritising financial wellbeing benefits both employees and the organisation. It improves employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, reduces stress-related issues, enhances employee retention, and positively impacts the overall work environment.

    Q2. What is the commercial benefit of supporting employees' financial wellbeing?

    Supporting employees' financial wellbeing can lead to reduced absenteeism, increased employee loyalty, improved job performance and productivity, and a positive employer reputation.

    Q3. How can we address the diverse financial needs and backgrounds of our employees?

    We tailor financial wellbeing programs to accommodate diverse needs by offering a range of resources, workshops, and personalised assistance. We consider how all our programs are inclusive for those with differing learning styles and neurodiversity.

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