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Investment Course for beginners £99

Learn what it takes to begin investing safely as a novice, how to manage risk, how investments work and what you MUST do as a first timer. NO Jargon, NO hype.

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Here's what our students are saying about the investment course

This course helps to understand everything you need to know about investing. I wish I knew about this 10 years ago. Keep up the great work Peter. Looking forward to more courses.

Lee Painter

Pete does a great job at explaining everything in simple terms, and his examples are useful. I feel more confident about investing after taking the course and he will answer any questions you have afterwards. Would definitely recommend!!!

Magalie Farine

The one on one aspect was really helpful, Peter was very knowledgeable and patient and investment seems a lot less confusing as a result

Shao Dow

Excellent start to my investing journey. Pete does an excellent job of laying all the beginner foundations needed to give you a good insight into investing. I like how there is a 'safety first' mentality weaved into the course and it is something that is very important for a person (like me) who has only just started in this area.

Nathan Heaney

This course is a great start to anyone's investment journey and covers the important bits very well in a compact package. Slides where put together well and easy to follow. The audio was clear and you spoke slowly which enabled the course to be digested better you took your time and walked us through it step by step. Message and educational value of the course though and is well worth the purchase

Jomar Stewart

All the Investment essentials you'll need to get started. I absolutely loved this course and will be recommending it to all my friends and family interested in investing. The course provides all essential information one needs to get started on their investment journey in a very straightforward and digestible format with plenty of real life examples. Best investment course I've come across.

Polina Changuleva

Excellent course and a steal at £59.99. Picked up the course while it was on offer and so glad I did. Clearly explained with great examples to help explain some of the trickier parts.

Ryan McKay

One of best courses I have experience. It was incredibly easy digest, super informative and I gained a lot more confidence and enhanced my knowledge on investing. The only downside is Pete is a United fan 11/10 course. Tbh I probably with paid more.

Joshua Murray

Really informative and reassuring. A very honest and frank introduction and overview of investing. An invaluable resource for a beginner investor. Thank you.

Eve Truszkowska


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