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Financial Hero Program

Master your finances with our Financial Hero Program

Welcome to the Financial Hero Program, a comprehensive series of six, ninety minute sessions designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to become your own financial hero. This is a group program run in cohorts of 10 - 15 participants.


“It has allowed me to organise my thoughts regarding my money. I now have better knowledge and understanding of how to better utilise the money I have to achieve my financial goals. It has allowed me to feel that the goals I would like to achieve for my self are actually doable.”

– Shanice


Peter Komolafe

  • Peter is a qualified Financial Adviser and Mortgage adviser with 15 years experience in Financial Services

  • Peter is a best-selling author, with his book "The Money Basics: How to Become Your Own Financial Hero". His work received accolades from The Sun, being listed as one of their "Top Books to Turn the Page on Money Woes."

  • Peter is a renowned Financial Expert has been featured on popular shows such as Steph's Packed Lunch, Lorraine, Secret Spenders (Beat the price rises), Sky News, Channel 5 News, and numerous others.


    In just six sessions we will transform your finances and giving you the foundations to create financial security and fill you with the confidence to become you own financial hero.

    Financial Goals

    Budgeting Techniques


    Investment Opportunities






    Expert Coaching & Support

    Embark on your transformative journey with personalised one-on-one support from an expert coach who has overcome similar challenges. Forge new habits, gain essential skills, and build confidence for financial security and achieving your life goals.

    Group dynamics & accountability

    Experience the power of group dynamics and accountability as you embark on a journey to become your own financial hero. Join like-minded individuals working towards the same goal, fostering lasting connections, and benefiting from collective inspiration and motivation.

    Money Psychology

    Uncover your behavioural barriers with our behavioural assessments. Explore your Money personality type, spending habits and so much more as we delve into the subconscious aspects of your finances for meaningful improvements.

    Tools & Worksheet

    Obtain valuable access to practical tools, worksheets, and tips that will empower you to implement sustainable and significant changes to your financial situation.

    Accountability & Ongoing Support

    Accountability is the cornerstone of sustainable success. Within the program, you'll have continuous access to your coach for ongoing support and guidance.


    By the end of the Financial Hero Program, you will have gained the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, achieve your goals, and pave the way for a prosperous future. Get ready to embark on this transformative journey to becoming your own financial hero.

  • Session 1: Behavioural Assessment & Goal Setting 

  • We will evaluate your existing financial status, analyse your behavioural patterns, comprehend their implications, and examine how they influence your financial well-being. With this understanding, we'll establish specific financial objectives and chart a course of action to achieve success.

  • Session 2: Building a Strong Financial Foundation

  • We will conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of your entire budget. During this process, we'll delve into various budgeting methodologies that align with your unique goals and aspirations. Our aim is to identify practical and sustainable approaches to help you achieve your financial objectives effectively.

  • Session 3: Debt Management & Utilisation Strategies

  • We will perform a thorough and detailed examination of your current debt situation, analysing all aspects of your financial liabilities. This review will encompass credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Our goal is to optimise your debt position, ensuring that you can manage your obligations more effectively. Additionally, we will explore strategies to navigate credit cards, loans, and mortgages wisely, empowering you to make informed and prudent financial decisions.

  • Session 4: Credit Score  Review & Optimisation 

  • We will conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of both your credit score and credit report. This in-depth assessment will cover all aspects related to your credit history and financial standing. By doing so, we aim to identify opportunities for credit optimisation and improvement. Throughout the process, we will explore various techniques and strategies that can help boost your credit score. Our objective is to provide you with actionable insights to enhance your creditworthiness and financial wellbeing.

  • Session 5: Smart Investing & Investing Strategies

  • We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of investing, covering the fundamental concepts and exploring diverse investment options. Additionally, we'll assess your current position in the investing landscape to tailor our guidance accordingly. Our focus will be on helping you start your investment journey effectively, identifying the easiest entry points. We'll also delve into risk management strategies, tax efficiency, and other crucial aspects to ensure you have a well-rounded understanding of investing.

  • Session 6: Program Debrief & Accountability 

  • We will conduct a thorough review of the goals set at the beginning of the program to assess your progress. Through this review, we'll evaluate what you've learned and the changes you've implemented to improve your financial situation. Our focus will be on establishing accountability measures to ensure long-term success in achieving your objectives. By staying committed and accountable, we will work together to secure your financial future and sustain the positive changes you've made throughout the program.

  • By enrolling in the program, you will receive access to the following bonuses.

    Bonus #1 - FREE Sign Copy of The Money Basics

    The essential guide to the BASICs of personal finance

    Total Value: £16.99

    Unlock the secret to financial independence and become your own financial hero with the Basic Formula, explained and unpacked in The Money Basics. This is the ultimate guide to mastering your finances and achieving your financial goals.

    #1 Best-Seller selected as one of The Sun’s ‘Top Books to Turn the Page on Money Woes’

    Bonus #2 - FREE Access to Investing For Beginners Course

    Investment Course

    Total Value: £119.97

    This course is designed for:

  • First time investors looking at the stock market for the first time.

  • New investors struggling with the basics of how investing works. 

  • New investors worried about losing money because of a lack of understanding.

  • Anyone confused by the language and options available.

  • First time investors who want to avoid jargon and need things explained in simple English.

  • Bonus #3 - FREE Access to all our Behavioural Assessments

    Behavioural Assessments

    Total Value: £47.96

    There is significant empirical evidence showing the link between behavioural patterns and poor financial habits. We have several assessments aimed at identifying behavioural patterns that may not be beneficial for you.

  • Spending Habits Assessment

  • Money Personality Assessment

  • Financial Competency Assessment

  • Money Mindset Assessment


    Pete listened carefully to my personal circumstances and made suggestions for me to consider based on that, it was refreshing to have his experience and expertises passed onto me in such a tailored and considerate manner. It was a pleasure, can’t wait for the next one.

    Ahmed Khan

    Before my session I didn't know what my financial goals and strategies were. I did a lot of research in the background but wasn't confident to take the initial step. After the coaching session I felt confident that I was taking the correct steps and have now opened my accounts.

    Sherene Blake

    Coaching has helped me to grow in confidence financially, meaning that I now know I can achieve my financial goals by having clear plans and putting figures to each goal. Especially being self employed, I know have a clear idea with what to do with each pay cheque instead of money just passing in and out of my hands. Im so grateful!

    Simone Dyer

    As someone with Dyscalculia (difficulty in understanding numbers) I find numbers and finances a bit daunting. Before the session I felt overwhelmed with which direction to go in with my finances. I felt like a lot of my questions were basic and a little silly but Pete has a really lovely manner, is exceptionally patient and explains things so clearly that even with my difficulty I could understand.

    Amri Thompson


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